Weird Stuff: Trendy Top

I went to the gym today (I know, right?), and one of the TVs was on Mob Wives or some other such nonsense (I watch dumb TV but not THAT dumb).

ANYWAY, one of the commercials was for "Trendy Top," or the top that's not. It's basically a belly band being marketed to non-pregos to keep their butt cracks and bellies from showing when they wear clothes that are too small.

Here's an idea: WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT.

Although I loved my belly band while pregnant for keeping up pants and covering up things when shirts got short I don't think it's the best concept for when you're not pregnant... but what do I know? I'm sure these are selling like hot cakes.

(Also I'm pretty sure you could just cut the top part off an old camisole or something to get the same effect?)

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