Recipe Review: Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Soup

I've been getting into crock pot cooking. So far I've made a killer corn chowder and now this certainly healthier sweet potato soup that's a Woman's Day recipe.

I should have taken pictures, but I wasn't thinking about blogging about it at the time.

I did the recipe slightly differently in that I didn't spring for fresh ginger and I didn't buy the $7 cinnamon sticks and just used the powdered spices I had from the labor cookies (that didn't work).

I did have to buy the curry powder, so I'll be on the lookout for other recipes I can use it in.

Instead of big carrots I used baby carrots so I didn't have to peel them. I just guesstimated and ended up covering the bottom of my crock pot with cut-in-half carrots.

The recipe didn't say to peel the sweet potatoes so I didn't. The peel ended up pureeing into the soup fine, so I am guessing I did that step of the recipe correctly by leaving the peel (and its nutrition) in.

I didn't like the Greek yogurt as a topping, but the almonds are a must. Once the soup is pureed it seems a little baby food-like. The almonds add a great crunch and texture throughout the soup.

The soup's flavor is really great otherwise. And it smelled AWESOME while cooking. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to puree it because it almost overflowed my crock pot. But my immersion blender worked beautifully and got everything smooth and creamy, even though there isn't any dairy in the recipe.

I don't know if Shawn liked it too much, and of course it made so much that I'll be eating on it for ages. So I decided to freeze about half the recipe to use later, and so I could get my crock pot washed for its next big adventure...

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Sydney said...

I wish I could come eat with you. Sounds like my kind of soup.

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