Freezer Food Wrap Up

About a month before Jane was born I did a bunch of cooking and freezing dishes for eating when she arrived.

We ate our last one -- crock pot chicken taco chili -- last week. It made a lot (something like 10 servings), so I was eating on it for ages. Probably the smart thing to do would be make a full batch then freeze half of it. Also it was a little too spicy, since I was a little heavy handed with the chili powder. Otherwise I'll definitely be making it again -- it's super easy and tasty. I need to find some more crock pot recipes.

My favorite of the casseroles was surprising: chicken enchiladas verdes. I thought it wouldn't be so great once defrosted and heated. But it was quite yummy. It had a lot of steps though, so not sure that it's something I'll make on the regular. But probably some.

My least favorite was the king chicken casserole -- maybe it was just that it was frozen and that kind of weirded out the tortillas (although that didn't happen with the enchiladas). I might try it again, but you have to cook the chicken first, which means a lot of dirty dishes.

If you've got any good crock pot or casserole recipes let me know. 

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