You Can't Do That on Television

Or actually you can't do that on the Internet. Or I shouldn't do that on the Internet.

In my quest to read the entire Internet (yuck, yuck), I've found myself down a rabbit hole similar to what I found when we had bedbugs. Doom and gloom and even when someone has a happy experience it's always ... I don't even know the words to describe it -- wistful, melancholy, that-can-never-be-me?

I'll have to keep my blog going on my weather observations (seriously, a 50-degree swing in 24 hours - wtf?!), gripes about work (why do you think I'm trying to read the entire Internet, and soon it will be so busy I'll be traveling nonstop), crochet projects, book reviews and mushy gushy stuff about Shawn (although let's be serious, I should cut that out too/it's sort of embarrassing to him I think) and Owen.


Katie said...

Seriously--one day I'm wearing sandals and the next it's snow boots! WTF is right!

Anonymous said...

You need to travel somewhere west of the Missouri river.

(on business, I mean)

Heather said...

Point 1. You beat yourself up a lot. That's silly. As I'm sure someone as practical as you has figured out, if someone doesn't want to read it, they can click elsewhere.

Point 2. You're awesome. That's why we're here.

Point 3. Write what works for you. That's the only thing that matters. Everything else is technical details you can rework.

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