The Ledge

Happy and Sad 1photo © 2007 Paul Robertson | more info (via: Wylio)Our next door neighbors in the "Big I" had this half-wall of brick on one side of the house. On the top was a little ledge/lip of brick. It wasn't too high -- I'll have to visually measure it when I'm home next time -- but I remember on more than one occasion that we'd climb up there and take turns jumping to the ground. And I would have to try so hard to psych myself up before I could fling myself the ~6 feet to the ground.

I've been thinking about that ledge and that feeling.

Thursday was my worst day this week and I got a couple calls from colleagues asking if they could "talk me off the ledge." Even though I wasn't actually planning anything or given any indication that I was reaching my limit -- it was evident even from afar that I had taken on just about all any one person could handle, even if that one person is me -- especially given that they didn't know my full capacity. I think they know now.

I was wild eyed and crazy, but I even stopped at the most inopportune time to have lunch with a friend from church that I had planned well before the perfect storm of website-event planning-print production deadlines formed. The lunch was great and during our conversation she said something about me being a very positive person. I think it's all in perception and how much of myself I display in given situations.

Anyway, today was easier, catching up and my heart didn't fly into palpitations like it did yesterday. I'll press on.

Even better: it's a three day weekend! I'll probably still check e-mail lightly, but extra sleep will be delicious. And we've got a couple fun things planned already.

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