On Being an Adult

Doesn't this make your heart hurt?
When Owen was just a wee one and he would get frustrated by not being able to do what he wanted or would otherwise have a waah attack, I would sing "It's no fun being a baby, no fun being a baby."

All the while I knew that even if it's not fun, it's even less fun being an adult (at least in some ways).

I've got a list of things I need to do as an adult, or at least the adult I want to be. Some are daily and others are bigger/longer term.

Today I checked something off -- I established care and had a doctor's appointment in our new home town. I had copies of my medical record from my last doctors, but there is so much that just gets dropped from one move to the next. Will be nice to have some continuity. I've had physicians in Oklahoma, Maryland, Virginia, New York and now Louisiana. I guess that's what it's like to be a rambling girl.

Much more to do in my quest for true adulthood (which I write completely tongue in cheek)...


Sydney said...

What was he so upset about? What a tweeterson baby!

Mari said...

I have no idea what he was crying about in this picture. I tried to find one of him crying about the gate at Gran's dining room. Need to better tag and organize my photos. Oh Bubba Jay!

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