Two Dishes

The replacement casserole dish arrived yesterday. Now I just need a recipe and a reason to try it out ... I'll keep looking.

Talked w/ Shawn reliving a conversation I had in which I presented myself terribly, like a know it all (shocker, right?), and I felt so bad.

Shawn pointed out that I can be like that sometime -- Ms. Bossy Britches and he described me like the little kid trying to tell the adults how it is. And even if I'm right and the "adults" do need to have things explained, I come across so badly.

Yeah, I can totally see that...

Wintry weather going on down here -- LSU even shut down. What the what?


Anonymous said...

find "Tater Tot Casserole"

(it surprised me positively!)

Mari said...

Tater Tot casserole was a favorite right after college. I made it often with my friend Leslie. BUT since being off white potatoes for my diet/health I haven't made it. I wonder if putting shredded sweet potatoes on top could mimic the effect of tater tot crust?! Good suggestion, and thanks.

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