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I've had this post it at my desk, tracking all the things that bug me, grammatically, that have come up in my new job. Some aren't specifically unique to this job, but I'll list them anyway. IF I were a real blogger I would do a series, add explanations and links to the reasons behind why these things are wrong (i.e. why my way is right), but this is the best I will do for now...and no one will care about this but me.
  • e-mail not email (although Google disagrees so maybe eventually I'll have to relent)
  • adviser not advisor (i cannot imagine ever relenting)
  • third comma in a series: "peanut butter, bread and jelly" not "peanut butter, bread, and jelly"
  • click here/check out the link below (just SEO bad practice)
  • hotlink/hyperlink (ick)
  • nonsense abbreviations -- I hate hate hate that they call the communications team the "comms" team ... makes me want to say vom-dot-com every time
  • underway as one word is almost always wrong ... although in my current job sometimes it's right, as in when you're talking about a ship or other sea faring vessel getting underway
  • hyphenating after an ly word -- just not done
  • two spaces after a period (there have been a few articles about this lately -- see one in my Google shared items on the right sidebar)
  • over/more than (over is only for things physically over something else, but when it's one thing is bigger than another it's more than)
  • entitled -- stories, books, plays, reports are not entitled to anything. they are titled something, and in most cases you can leave it out entirely and just say the title
  • this is personal preference but i hate when the letters after a number are superscript. so 1st so the st are the same size as the number. it's a default in Microsoft products and I always change it/teach mine to NOT change it automatically.
don't bother copy editing this -- i don't hold myself to exacting standards, esp in this blog. is that bad?!

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Unknown said...

You should never relent to bad grammar. In doing so you would be accepting the failure of mankind. Thank you for a good post, it was quite amusing!

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