Beta Bursts

Photo by Katie @ French Bakery
Despite a slow down in actual posting, I still compose blog posts in my head almost constantly. I could write about Shawn's failing hard drive and his successful (knock on wood) attempt to resurrect it while he waits for the new part to be shipped.

In New Orleans this weekend I had brain posts going about shopping, walking, smells, the hotel and its view, weather, food, street cars and my lame attempts at photography.

Because of a series of things, I went to a UMC that was on the street car line and felt so warm and happy there. The pastor spoke to me before the service, and I was so moved by her sermon that as she was hugging people on the way out, I made the move and hugged her myself. (I'm not a hugger as a general rule.) I thanked her and told her I wished I lived here -- and she said "me too" and "hey that's a thought." Although I don't think Shawn would be down with that commute!

She had some suggestions for other UMC's I should try in Baton Rouge (I haven't really written about my quest for a church here, or the way I've stiffened to the two most obvious choices).

And today she sent me an e-mail to say it was nice to meet me and reiterating her suggestions/inviting me to come back any time. I love communicating online, and I think it's so nice of her -- to connect in a way that's meaningful to me.

So my first longer-than-two-hours trip to New Orleans was a success. I'll look forward to going back and hope I can sustain some of the renewal I felt. So far I'm not doing that great, but there's always tomorrow.

View from 2053 up Canal Street


Susan said...

Hey, I though I was the only "mind blogger" out there! Phew, that's a relief. I'd be standing at the bus-stop after work thinking of a blog, pretty much writing it up in my mind about how the bus always goes the other direction more than the direction I'm going but when I get home it's just gone from my head POOF!

Anonymous said...

yeah, right, go to New Orleans in January.

(anybody could probably survive it then)


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