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I got our Corningware French White set from my mom's house in August when we were home. It wasn't until right before Christmas that I got it out of the box and discovered that the biggest casserole dish, the one I needed to use, had a crack in it. Blasted!

After the holidays I started searching for a replacement. The set came with lids - so I already had a glass one and a plastic one, but the new dish itself cost $25. I e-mailed customer service and asked if they could give me a discount, since I had a never used one w/ a crack (although the warranty expired 12 months after purchase).

The customer service agent actually wrote back and told me they were sending me a new casserole dish no charge. Whoopie! I knew better than to celebrate publicly though, because the picture shown here is the one I received -- even more broken than my original.

I've written the customer service guy back and sent him the link to this photo on Flickr. The package also contained another woman's name and address, so that adds to the shadiness. Basically I'm bummed all over again.

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