Some New Year Snaps

Professor Hat
School Spirit
Trying on Shawn's hat

Pouting - I forget about what
I failed at posting 300 times in 2010, by 19 posts (although I did post one more than in 2009). I doubt I'll do 300 in 2011 either in part because I am realizing that I write too much, reveal too much. I just need to remember my audience, which isn't always easy or top-of-mind. So lately I've been blogging-shy about all the things that have been going on. Each of these pictures could be a post, plus many more (although the Owen and Shawn hat photos do go together).

I don't have any solid new year's resolutions. What I thought I was going to do now seems to be what I should work on in 2012. Glad to be home, going to try a brighter outlook on the job front and just slog through otherwise.

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's, and that 2011 is shaping up for the better.


mandy said...

FUN!!! But, forgive me when I say this: I saw a bit of Harry Potter in that first pic.

Granted, I may just be jealous because I can't talk my man into wearing any sort of stylish hat. dang

Mari said...

Thanks, Mandy. Shawn is certainly like Harry Potter. Have you seen this photo of one of our early Halloween's?

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