Success at Green Flea

I took down my NYC Bucket list page. I guess it was a little ... ambitious and a clear overshare. I'll take things as they come, but I do intend to create pages as a navigation with crochet, clips, etc.

This is a tile coaster I got at Greenflea this weekend. It's a Sunday flea market on the Upper West Side (I think my second favorite NYC neighborhood after ours). I could probably spend hours there, but I went specifically to get this tile, to complete my set. Now I have a tile w/ Oklahoma, Maryland/Virginia, our neighborhood in NYC and Louisiana. They're really cool -- made by a woman without a website, although her card does list one, She makes bigger ones that serve as trivets (not that this photo has any scale -- my bad -- I think they're about 6-inches 4 inches square).

There was also a craft fair going on in the neighborhood, which I didn't allow myself to peruse. With an upcoming move I need to UNLOAD stuff rather than purchase more. That's not something I'm strictly adhering to of course!

Another photo from the weekend -- Saturday's Salvation Army drop off (clothes I've ungrown) and gym run. On Broadway -- a funny advertisement for something or another. I think NYC will break your heart.

We're all packed. Tomorrow's the trip to Baton Rouge, so coverage from that will start this week. I'm still undecided about taking my laptop, but in any case Shawn's will be with us so I can do some posts, and I'll be tweeting with my cell about fun things I see (and probably not-so-fun, seeing as how I'm a constant complainer). Wish us luck in finding our next home!

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