Highlights from a quick trip, Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon ... writing this from the hotel room. The room includes a computer, which is pretty funny. I also have a laptop with me, but I'm a better typist on a keyboard AND already have my computer packed up.

The BEST was getting to meet my friend's little boys. 10 month old twins who are the most fun ever. I really had a good time playing with them and catching up with her. Motherhood certainly agrees with her. I couldn't be happier for her. Got a twinge of baby fever, but we're working on it!

Drink after work with some people, and it was so cheap I almost fell off my stool -- happy hour was really happy, and if I'd realized drinks were half price I might have had more than one. Although all things considered, one and done is better for me!

A coworker asked me if I'd miss anything about NYC, and I said yes, I have a list. I do, but for whatever reason couldn't think of the best things. There are the obvious -- city living, walking to most everything (which I also hate sometimes), access to museums and plays, and grocery delivery. But there's also the cachet that I'll miss -- the story/idea that I moved, gradually, from a tiny town of a few hundred to a city of 8 million plus tourists! I also know Baton Rouge will hold its own story. I can't wait to live it!

For now, I'm living up my New York life. But I can't resist the chance to do one of my fave DC things while it's within my reach. The Museum of American History reopened and assuming I can get in gear and store my bag at Union Station I'll take a final tour. I hope the Puffy Shirt is still there. I'll report back after the fact!

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