NYC: The 212 List

Area code in NYC = 212

Area code in Baton Rouge = 225

I've started following some Baton Rouge blogs/twitterers, and noticed @cheekycherry tweeting a list of 225 things to miss about the red stick. I'll be watching that closely and gleaning the goodness from her experience!

I'd like to do a similar list for NYC -- although is it possible to find two hundred and twelve things that I will miss about New York? Here it is:

  1. The cachet of living here
  2. FreshDirect grocery delivery
  3. Walkable, walkable, walkable
  4. Public transportation
  5. The New York Times, especially the New York section (and recognizing the 'hoods)
  6. Sunday Styles, including Modern Love
  7. The New York Times Magazine, especially Cooking with Dexter
  8. Convenient gyms -- Coles and Palladium
  9. Washington Square Park (after renovations!)
  10. The view up 5th Avenue through the WSP arch
  11. Duane Reade (love hate, but it's so New York)
  12. Staten Island Ferry (free transport/entertainment/views)
  13. 5th Avenue bus
  14. Macy's
  15. Rockaway Beach (in one hour I could be at the ocean!)
  16. Coney Island
  17. The Wonder Wheel
  18. Hot dogs
  19. Hawt cawfee
  20. Oren's Daily Roast latte
  21. Tim Horton's latte (technically Canadian chain BUT I will miss them)
  22. Mercado's Pizza
  23. Top of the Rock (where I received my rock)
  24. Central Park
  25. Specifically Bow Bridge
  26. The Ramble 
  27. Sheep's Meadow
  28. Turtle Pond
  29. Broadway shows
  30. Off-Broadway shows
  31. NYU Tisch Theater
  32. St. Mark's Place
  33. Street Festivals!
  34. Street fair food -- corn dogs, $5 Thai and gyros
  35. Street fair purchases -- scarves, hats, jewelry, cheapie toys
  36. Brooklyn Bridge (free views!)
  37. People watching everywhere
  38. Union Square Farmer's Market
  39. Union Square Holiday Fair
  40. Bryant Park's Holiday Fair
  41. Grand Central Station's Holiday Fair
  42. Bagels
  43. PAUMC (my church)
  44. Forced to be efficient in space usage
  45. Purple flowers all around NYU campus
  46. NYU women's basketball team
  47. Empire State Building
  48. Flat Iron Building
  49. Chrysler Building
  50. Skyline in general -- especially from New Jersey or a bridge
  51. Pearl River Mart
  52. The Met
  53. Museum of Natural History (esp the whale room)
  54. Street performers (sometimes)
  55. Sidewalk art
  56. Street vendors -- purses, scarves, magnets, etc.
  57. Money saving (for us anyway)
  58. People want to come visit us here -- it's a destination
  59. The weather in the spring and fall
  60. The leaves changing -- esp. around the reservoir in CP
  61. Cheap, tasty sushi
  62. Our super-fast Chinese delivery joint
  63. Delivery Five Guys Burgers
  64. No need for a car (or its upkeep and expense)
  65. Feeling justified at buying plane tickets BECAUSE I don't have the expense of a car
  66. Free water taxi to Ikea!
  67. Bleecker Street -- history and good eats
  68. Fourth of July fireworks over the East River (last year the Hudson)
  69. The Highline
  70. Chelsea Market (TBD -- on my bucket list, but I imagine I'll enjoy!)
  71. The chance that at any moment you could see a celebrity (Vincent D'Onofrio, Minnie Driver, Chris Noth, Scott Speedman, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.)
  72. Gawker Stalker (although I rarely check it, nice to know it's there so I can look up a celebrity I spot and see if anyone else noticed too!)
  73. Paper Source stationery store
  74. M&J Trimming
  75. Margaritas at Dallas BBQ
  76. Times Square, even at its most crowded -- it sparkles
  77. Toys R Us in Times Square (for my Owen Jay)
  78. FAO Schwarz
  79. and the choices in general
  80. Jefferson Market Library branch and its DVD collection
  81. The main NYC Library -- read between the lions
  82. Cozy Diner
  83. Silver Spurs Diner
  84. The Red Lion -- live music and pub food, a winning combination
  85. Views down canyoned streets
  86. Manhattan solstice when sunset/sunrise light and streets align
  87. The evening light on the buildings
  88. Water towers on tops of buildings
  89. Double decker tour bus trips!
  90. Statue of Liberty
  91. Ellis Island
  92. Random film sets -- on location
  93. My neighborhood on the big screen (not that I ever saw Remember Me, but I will!)
  94. Constant access -- 24 hour sections of town if needed
  95. The vintage stores, even though I'm too intimidated to enter
  96. Our Mexican place across 6th Ave
  97. Jane Street
  98. Free Bumble & Bumble haircuts
  99. Meatpacking District (just sounds cool ... and it is)
  100. Hudson River Park
  101. The N train to Astoria when it curves to the north -- the view
  102. Tompkins Square Park - so shady
  103. MoMA (specifically its stores/shopping!)
  104. Sartorial design blogs all based here -- recognizing places on those blogs
  105. The view from our window
  106. The view from our window on a rainy day -- of the students' open umbrellas - colorful!
  107. Law & Order courthouse steps
  108. Law & Order filming around town (cancellation sob)
  109. My chiropractor and her receptionist
  110. Easy access to Penn Station and Amtrak
  111. Madison Square Garden (even if the Knicks are terrible the games are fun)
  112. Discounted tickets from NYU
  113. Lincoln Center -- high culture is available and accessible to me!
  114. Window shopping on 5th Avenue -- Tiffany's, etc.
  115. Everything constantly changes
  116. The city itself is a constant
  117. "Empire State of Mind"
  118. "New York, New York"
  119. Snow falling on snow -- deep mounds of white beauty
  120. The city, silent after a heavy snowfall
  121. And yet never totally silent
  122. My ZIP code
  123. Our apartment's hardwood floors
  124. Our giant chalk board
  125. Walking distance to Shawn's office
  126. Magazines are MADE here!
  127. Strand Bookstore
  128. Giant Barnes & Noble at Union Square
  129. (Most of) Our Doormen
  130. Renegade Craft Fair
  131. Souvenir tents on Canal Street (and elsewhere)
  132. Governor's Island (another on the bucket list, but I suspect I'll enjoy!)
  133. The feeling downtown amid all the buildings
  134. Century 21
  135. The "abandoned" station -- Cortland Street
  136. PATH Train to Jersey City for suburban paradise excursion
  137. The I *Heart* NY logo
  138. Free transfer to the bus from the subway (or vice versa)
  139. Bronx Zoo
  140. Central Park Zoo (although a little pricey)
  141. Museum of NYC
  142. Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum
  143. Smithsonian free museum day!
  144. Aspects of working from home
  145. Anonymity even among huge crowds
  146. Window displays at Christmas
  147. Saks Fifth Avenue snowflakes at Christmas
  148. Rockefeller Christmas Tree and lights
  149. Rockettes and Christmas Spectacular
  150. So many TV shows set in NYC (although most not filmed here!)
  151. No smoking in restaurants or bars
  152. Calorie counts everywhere (although that's a curse if you're looking to indulge!)
  153. Access to any movie that's out
  154. The Angelika movie theater
  155. City Cinemas Village East (main theater used to be a Yiddish live action theater and is LOVELY with an ornate ceiling and plush, wide seats)
  156. IFC Theater - independent and foreign!
  157. Broadway Panhandler
  158. Surprise! Surprise! (a cool some-of-everything store ~12th Street)
  159. Shake Shack burgers in Madison Square Park (nom, nom, nom)
  160. Fresh air after rising from the stank of the subway
  161. Feeling like I know this place
  162. I can navigate the subway to any spot and feel in control 
  163. I can figure out where I am on the island relatively easily
  164. Little Italy -- yummy food
  165. Upper West Side -- just a fun vibe in the neighborhood, especially along Columbus
  166. Waldorf-Astoria (despite being part of a minor shoot out)
  167. United Nations (another bucket list item I expect to like)
  168. Plethora of taxis when needed
  169. Car services to the airport
  170. Book signings - if I got my act together to go
  171. Internet access in the parks -- and many coffee shops
  172. Chumley's - secret and 86 that!
  173. Yankees and Mets baseball games
  174. Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village
  175. Greenflea Market
  176. The crazy countdown clock in Union Square
  177. The smell of roasted nuts on the street -- OMG, heaven
  178. Grand Central Station
  179. South Street Seaport -- and the views of Brooklyn Bridge
  180. Washington Square Art Show
  181. Music in the Park (another bucket list ... want to do this KNOW I'll love it)
  182. The volume of food choices -- intimidating but nice to know it's there
  183. New York Aquarium
  184. B&H Photo
  185. Magnolia Bakery
  186. Pop Up Shops that come and go
  187. There's a restaurant for Peanut Butter Sandwiches!
  188. Wall Street -- the bull statue
  189. Photo ops around every turn
  190. Including interesting graffiti
  191. Our neighborhood and the local NYU cops that keep things safe
  192. It's an island!
  193. NYC tap water is pretty darn tasty
  194. All kinds of people -- and no one will care what you wear
  195. Fishs Eddy
  196. Shopping in general
  197. Top Shop and H&M dotted throughout the city
  198. Mud Truck coffee
  199. Museum Mile
  200. Anything you need -- it's right here (almost)
  201. Temporary clean smell after a rain
  202. Loads of cool people live here
  203. Shops at Time Warner Center
  204. Ironic T-shirts
  205. Overhearing hipster doofus conversations
  206. Being within reach of culture, feeling like it rubs off on me!
  207. Economy Candy store
  208. Bodegas -- the word itself
  209. Times Square musicians -- subway performers
  210. The beauty of the city in all its grotesqueness 
  211. A million little things I've forgotten or never knew
  212. It's the place where I became a wife and started my life as MW

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