Simply Precious Blankets for Twins

Two blankets, made with Herrschners Baby Sparkle pompadour -- one in baby green and one in yellow -- for twin boys. The kits didn't have enough yarn (or I just didn't have the right tension), so I had to supplement with Bernat Baby Coordinates, white, because the Herrschners yarns were back ordered until July.

A word about the Herrschners yarn -- avoid if you can. It includes knots and was tangled in more skeins than not. I spent about 10% of my crochet time wrestling with the yarn! The Bernat was much better.

The pattern is super easy and seemed to go quickly. It created a diagonal-type design, although it's definitely worked back and forth, repeats of four rows. A nice big blanket (about 36x48 with the edging), but I was able to make two in just about a month.

They are all packaged and ready to go; once I get to the post office they will be on their way. Here's hoping Melissa likes them!

1 comment:

Sydney said...

I think the "border" adds a lot to their look. Really pretty.

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