We walked. And walked. And walked. Apt for a Walker, right? Uh...

7/3: 1.534 miles - beach day
7/4: 4.2415 miles - Coney Island, aquarium & fireworks over the Hudson
7/5: 3.8582 miles - church, street festival & natural history museum
7/6: 1.923 miles - Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
7/7: 3.8121 miles - Times Square, Pearl River/Soho & South Street Sea Port
7/8: 1.9018 miles - Century 21 & Central Park/Turtle Pond

These mileages don't include the walking and standing we did in the museums, aquariums, in the subway stations, etc. Plus my mom did some extra walking on 7/7 around the neighborhood, and Beth took Owen to a Titanic exhibit in Times Square that added some walking to her day. Owen was lucky/bratty in that he strolled most of the way.

That's a total of 17.3 miles - an average of 2.8 miles per day. OIY! Feels good to sit down.

More updates and photos to come. This is just to get my memory started.

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