Lunch Thought: Facebook

I typically don't post anything on my Facebook account. There are people on there who I KNOW are reading ... people from my past lives, so to speak. A recent comment exchange on something I posted explains why I do not connect this blog to my Facebook page, even though it would bring in more readers.

I posted a link to a book that's being promoted by my work/in which my organization is mentioned. It's a book I have yet to read, but the premise and reviews ... all signs point to me liking it. I basically said that in the comment and the reason I mentioned it at all was that I was on a conference call with the authors.

A girl from high school, someone still back home and whom I could disparage and compare myself favorably to, wrote something like "Sounds too wordy and opinionated." At first I was peeved, then I thought meh. I wrote back "You're right - books are wordy. And opinion is often the name of the game at my job." (Or something like that - I'm not going to look it up.) She writes back something about "$5 words in four out of every five words."

I've left it at that and there's nothing else to say. But when I read it I was definitely back to the nerd, smarty pants I was in high school. And I think that was the point of her comments.

Then I remembered I'm married to a PhD, and he laughed like a maniac at my "books are wordy" comment when I told him, so who cares what some random friend from my childhood thinks... (Answer: I do.)

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Holly said...

Books are wordy is totally awesome. I laughed too!

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