We just got back from a free screening of a movie coming out in October, Youth in Revolt. I'm not sure we're the target audience, but it was pretty cute and I like Michael Cera. Reminded me of Juno - teenagers using $10 vocabulary words and quirky cartoons throughout. Stuff to do like this is reason number 3 that I like New York (number 1 being that Shawn lives here and number 2 being that it's a cool enough place for people we love to want to come visit us often)... Don't get me started on the list of reasons I don't like/want out of New York.

Speaking of movie stars, I forgot to mention that when we were in Central Park walking to the bus from Turtle Pond a movie star whizzed right by us on his bike. Leonardo DiCaprio, with his beard and a hat - but definitely him. I nudged Beth and she agreed. I checked later and he was definitely in NYC, so yep, we saw him. :) Funny since Owen is in a phase of being SUPER interested in the Titanic ... we saw the star of the film Titanic!

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