I've posted this image before - it's also on an old page of my Web site (which I recently had to renew - domain and hosting, which led me to peruse it ... it's so early 21st century/web 1.0 ... must find time to fix it). It's still one of my FAVORITE shots of Shawn. From my one film class at OSU (don't get me started), I learned that low camera angles evoke power - plus I love the color of his grilling shirt and the frame of green leaves. AND it was such a happy time in our lives - we'd been together for almost a year, he was living in this super cool house and we were surrounded by friends in a BACK YARD! (Sure, the park is nice, but it can't compare to being able to have people over and grill in your yard.) Also, Sage is in a lot of the photos from this party, so there are fond memories there.

OMG - I also found my old Tripod blog: Are you kidding me?

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