Metal Mouth No More

I went to the dentist today and had my bottom teeth, permanent retainer removed. They also did molds for new retainers (top and bottom). So for the first time in 11 years (more than that if you count when I had my braces on), my mouth is completely metal free. The backs of my bottom teeth feel so weird - smooth because he polished them - while the other teeth feel normal. Bizarre.

So I go to the dentist and am so excited. The dental hygienist greets me and says "Excited to be here?" and I'm all "YEAH!" because I really am. And it's not just the cleaning out of my mouth - it's also a good and exciting thing for me to walk outside of this square box and actually speak to other people on occasion. I really think I'm circling the drain on this one. (Not to mention the ... well, you know)

But the trip out perked me up, and in one week I should have my new retainers. If my teeth move between now and then the retainer will straighten it back out. Hopefully their 11-year memory will hold them in place for a week.

Somewhere in my room at my mom's house I have my old teeth mold - I wonder if I'll get to keep this one.

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