Uh, this hotel is so swank ... and the COO at my org got a great deal on the room b/c the org is having a big meeting here later this month or next. It's got a rainhead shower and no ice machine ... if you want ice, call room service! Are you kidding me?

So what I really can't get over ... there's a computer in the room w/ free internet use. INSANITY. Who knew? So I thought I would be away from email and just relax tonight but noooooo. I'm rockin out on a faster computer than the one I have at home (exaggeration, but still this is nice).

I had dinner tonight and overheard the craziest conversation about Facebook. One woman had an iPhone and started bringing up various Facebook profiles of people the second woman knew (none were Facebook friends of either woman) - and the second woman was simultaneously enthralled in looking at pictures and comments she couldn't access herself and appalled that someone could look at her information in the same way, despite having her account as "friends only." Hrm. I don't know how my account is set.

A couple (?) weeks ago Shawn and I went to the Red Lion and heard a great singer - Abbey Payne. Of course she's unfindable online. This is the second time it's happened to me - I hear a singer at the Red Lion and then can't find them online after the fact (first was Mike Stanton). Anyway, note to Red Lion - include links for your artists (if they exist, maybe they don't in both cases). And artists, do some SEO so you show up on page 1 of a Google search of your name ... that is if you want to be found. I digress.

Am still battling a sore throat. The weather has been hideous and rainy (perfect for staying in, not so much for travel). I'm taking the train back tomorrow, and it's supposed to be better weather. We'll see. Going to get some good rest tonight - in a MUCH better bed than I own, although no bed is better than the one that also sleeps Shawn. (mushy public love note to the hubs!)

Update: The hotel computer blocked access to my blog. I had to set it to allow "mature" content. Wonder how that works. Am I mature in my writing? Uh...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, exceptionally mature... for the love!

(and don't kids sometimes {possibly} stay at said hotel with their parents, who could, if they want, allow greater access at the touch and coordination of 3000 buttons??)

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