500: Beautiful Mind

Right - I wanted my 500th post to be something good, but I'm incapable and will otherwise be blog stunted. Anyway.

Tonight Shawn is at a conference and I'm here so I watched "A Beautiful Mind." I read the book after it was recommended by/on the syllabus of the professor whose class I wrote about for work. I really enjoyed the book - I generally enjoy biographies and this was a very well researched and interesting subject. But I didn't write a review of it.

So the movie is not so good and seemed to stray so far from the "real" story - it was definitely more cinematic. Then I'm getting toward the end (crocheting away on the blanket that will never end ... but that's another entry) and WHO should I see as a professor in one of the last scenes ... one of our emeritus board members. I guess it came full circle, but geez louise. I even watched the credits to make sure it was him. And it sure was. Huh.

Basketball now. Rawk. Happy 500. (I blog more for work - we've surpassed 600 posts in less time than I've been writing here - oh well)

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