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I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise.

16 October 2013

Today was our travel day to Washington, DC. We flew from Baton Rouge to Atlanta (ugh) to Baltimore. We got a ride to Greenbelt, MD, where we're staying for two weeks.

Jane ate A LOT today.

She had her usual oatmeal, banana and puffs for breakfast. By 10 she was asking for a snack, and she downed a few handfuls of cheddar bunnies. On the first plane she ate a pouch (sweet potato blueberry or something?), a cheese stick and 10 grapes. Then at our lunch stop in ATL she ate half an avocado, half a banana and some peas, plus a bit of my rice and chicken. On the second plane she ate a Elle's Kitchen snack bar (that she happened to see while going through her stuff), some pretzels from the snack cart (wow, Delta still giving out snacks!) and some peanuts and raisins from trail mix. For supper we ate at the hotel's free dinner -- hamburgers and hot dogs. She ate almost a whole cheeseburger and then a few bites of an apple that I forgot I had in the bottom of my backpack.

That's a lot of chow for a little girl! (She is her mama's daughter!)

Edit to add: peanuts are a choking hazard for toddlers and young kids. I vaguely knew that, but when a Baby Center email mentioned it this week I thought I should add that note to this post. Poor Jane -- she loves peanuts, but I think she'll have to make due with peanut butter until she's bigger (and even THAT is a choking hazard if she gets too much ... always spread it thin).

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