Little Free Library

We went to a couple parks in Danville (lesson learned: listen to the recommendation of someone who actually HAS a young kid. Her recommended park actually had swings).

At both of the parks we hit they had these "Little Free Libraries," which I thought were so clever. Basically they are library books that are probably taken out of circulation. Then you can take what you want and put it back when you're done (or not I guess). I didn't find anything I wanted to read, but I could certainly dump some of my own books after I read them (although I'm not sure if that's allowed).

Looking at the map it seems that there are little free libraries all across the country, including in New Orleans. I didn't notice any while we were out (and we've been to a couple parks here). Oh and there's one in Baton Rouge -- how funny. Maybe I'll check it out sometime.

I'm a big public library fan, and I use my library card at least monthly if not more frequently. In Baton Rouge the library cards expire every three years. I didn't realize this until whoops! My card didn't work to download ebooks anymore. And I was in Greenbelt!

I called to find out the problem, and the woman on the phone said: you have to come in, no two ways about it. So I tweeted my distress (I really wanted my ebooks AND I really didn't want to lose them since you only have a few days to download reserved ebooks before they're put back in the queue). The reference desk tweeted back and was able to give me a temporary extension so I could get my ebooks. Hurray!

The day after we returned was library storytime, so I went to renew my card since we were there anyway. It was kind of a hassle because I'd forgotten something with my address -- and I needed to update the address on the card. I had our car insurance/registration and managed to cobble together something (with my ID that has my old address on it) that worked for the cranky lady at the desk.

In any case I'm good until November 2016, give or take.

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