With the death of Google Reader my blog reading has dropped off. I still open Feedly a couple times a day, but I am usually powering through just to make sure I don't miss my favorites,* and a lot of things go unread. With the truncated feeds at Jezebel/Lifehacker/etc. needing a click through to see a full article (which then crashes Feedly) I usually don't read much there except first paragraphs.

There are a couple blogs though that I read just because I hate them. (Not the writers per se, but the stuff they write about/how they write about anything.) It's kind of like Get Off My Internets, except I just keep reading and make fun of them to no one. But I read almost every post they write!

Highlights of such blogs include trying to use overly descriptive words for everything (such as never using the word "said"), being proud of lax parenting and a regular diet of processed foods and sugar by making fun of parents who worry about what their kids eat, media they consume, etc. and just generally being unaware of how they come across. While not required for a blog to be part of my "haterade" diet most seem to have a very conservative political bent.

I wonder if I'm on anyone's haterade list. I kind of doubt it unless it's a person I've pissed off in real life. I don't have much of an impact on the world wide web despite having written in some capacity for about 15 years. Good grief.

*Some of my (non-IRL friend or family) favorites:

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