Tying Together Some Post Ideas

OK, going to do a brain dump (although that's mostly what I use this blog for) of blog post ideas using the "Ties" theme. Whether I'll actually write any or all of them remains another story.
  • Neck ties, first about the search for the perfect purple tie for the wedding and onto other types of neck wear (scarves, etc.)
  • Family Ties -- both the connections to my family (blood and married into) and the TV show!
  • Ties to a place -- a post I've been meaning to do anyway -- chronicling my moves since leaving the Big I -- probably using ZIP codes
  • Tying shoes -- different ways to do it (Shawn and I have a dispute over this)
  • Hair ties -- I'm always wearing my hair up, so I have plenty to say about this, including a recent find of a $1 headband at CVS that is ideal for working out (and even stays on my giant head!)
  • Ties to habits -- OCD and specific ways of doing things or ways of LOOKING at things (including myself)
  • Sporing event ties: overtime in basketball or football, tied up/jump ball (and applying that to stagnant life situations) and Tie goes to the Runner (or girlfriend, in Office parlance)
  • Tie that binds our hearts in Christian love (leapfrogging into favorite hymns)
  • Tie a ribbon around your finger to remember things ... about being forgetful -- I am STILL realizing people in I-town that I didn't send official wedding invitations to who should have received them, etc. There's also a really cute ribbon ring that I've wanted for a while that would be good to post.
  • Tied up can mean busy -- phone line (and write about my aversion to phoning ... it's a whole thing) or just life in general (I got tied up)
This probably shouldn't count for a post because I didn't actually WRITE write, but it's better than a poke in the eye, so there you go. Time for dinner, crochet and DiNozzo (did I mention he said "snarky" last week?! Be still my heart!)

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