Frosted Window Panes

Absolutely nothing exciting today. Woke up a little early because Shawn left for his next interview, the one rescheduled from last week. He'll be home on Thursday, but then he flies out again on Friday for a conference and is gone for almost a full week. Yikes!

The entire day was grey and overcast, with lots of fluffy snow falling down. It melted upon impact for most of the day (although late afternoon there was slight accumulation that has since turned into slush), but from my vantage point on the 8th floor it was a lovely sight.

After an especially stressful workday, I certainly didn't want to go to the gym today, but the days you don't want to go the most are the days you NEED to go the most, so I mustered the energy to go. The gym is still so crowded with students. I don't remember it being as busy last semester. But I guess NYU students getting healthy is a good thing. But I'd rather not have to jockey for position in the locker room ... or wait in line to exercise. That seems a little ... off point or something?

I've been pondering goals for this space. Writing, blogging, journaling, chronicling. I am my target audience, although secondary audiences include my family and a few IRL friends who know about this blog. But should I pick a topic and try to flex my writing muscles? Write about more than myself? And for audiences beyond my small circle?

It's not like I need another project or really want to. I'm just letting that tumble around in my head a little. I also want to do some site work with regard to, which hasn't been updated in over a year. I may even install a WordPress blog and port silvermari & the city into that format. I've also been thinking about possible blog renaming if/when we move from the city. something to play on the reflective nature of my initials. Not sure I'm ready to make that kind of WordPress commitment, but it wouldn't hurt to have a more solidified online presence on my URL.

And then I think about URL. I own, that's where I have my random attempt at a languishing vanity site (and where I hosted my wedding information/pictures). But should I do something using my real life name? There's an author Mari Walker, so she has the .com of the URL, but it seems the .net and .org versions are available (neither of which really appeal to me). seems open, but that isn't right either. Also, if I were ever to integrate/leverage Facebook, that vanity URL is silvermari, although I'm sure I could do a redirect w/in a new URL'ed site to my profile.

I can't get away from it. I AM silvermari. It's a somewhat ridiculous screen name I picked as a ~14 year old, but it is me. So just writing that out and looking at the options of URLs makes me think is the ticket. Feel free to disagree but I might just delete you. (Like I said, I write for me!)

Thoughts of a nothing-girl for now.

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Sydney said...

You are silvermari,
whether Walker or Perry.

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