Hello, Sunday

Lazy days. But I still got to church and a gym run. Will try to catch a movie -- something Shawn wouldn't want to see.

Thought I would need to work today, but after an e-mail check got the good news that everything can be handled tomorrow.

On the way back from church/to the gym I stopped at K&G Fashions. I almost bought two more suits and a really cute lacy skirt. (I bought a pinstripe skirt/jacket combo at Penney's last weekend.) The two suits today would have cost together the same as the one I bought last week (the one last week was $45, so we're not talking big bucks here). One was a purple jacket and skirt (the skirt hit at a very cute length), and the other was a pinstripe pant, vest and white shirt combo. (The lacy skirt was cute, but the lining was still super see-through.)

My reasoning against the purchase included: I have too many clothes I don't wear anyway; I don't have much reason to dress up and have plenty of clothes that will work for the dressing up I need to do in the near future; any clothes I buy now will theoretically/hopefully not fit me in a few months, so certainly doesn't make sense to make that investment; the white shirt w/ the pinstripe pants/vest was super see-through and had weird bell sleeves (if I could have just bought the vest I would have -- because that looked great); and can I really buy a PURPLE suit? I've owned a purple car, I have on purple pants, I have a purple cord jacket, a number of purple scarves, etc. etc. So it's not like I'm a stranger to surrounding myself with my favorite hue. But something about a purple suit. I just couldn't do it, even at $15.

Shawn will be proud of my spending restraint!

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