February is coming to a close, and I can say I'm glad for that. I won't try to do a NaBloPoMo again until November I think.

Last night I went with Kellie to see Shutter Island. Creepy and the more I think about it the more I like it. We also ate at Spice, and it was certainly spicy Thai food!

Shawn's flight was canceled, so he's been rebooked for tonight ... will be home around 11 p.m. I guess another lazy day alone won't kill me. AH!

Shawn also reminded me that he was gone to Norway longer than he's been gone on this trip. I had been thinking this was the longest we'd been apart. Not sure why it feels that way. I can't even remember what I did when he was gone to Norway. Maybe there was better TV on, and certainly work was less stressful at that point.

The snow is still piled up here, but no more falling. The white blobs are nice, and kids seem to be having a lot of fun playing in the big open playgrounds of snow. I'm sure Washington Square Park would be fun -- if it weren't overrun with construction and mostly cordoned off. Oh well.

Giving up on listening to this NYU women's basketball game. Just a slaughter AND the announcers aren't really clear about the game -- all they do is cheer for their team, not really calling the plays. So awful.

And I have to go out and get cash for the laundry card. GRETCH!

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