Already Pretty: A Head to Toe

I really like the blog Already Pretty. I probably share a post from there once or twice a month. The author is just very good at writing pro-body, pro-love yourself posts without seeming sappy or icky.

I also scan a lot of sartorial blogs, which seem to be the ticket in NYC -- people love to blog about their daily outfits and record their clothing choices. I'm down with that, but clearly I could never aspire to being a fashion blogger like that (in part because my work-from-home routine means jeans and T-shirts at almost all times). Sometimes I wear a something cute (at least cute to me) and I want to take a picture of it. This was one of those times -- a dress for church on the one Sunday it wasn't bitterly cold.

I used the Gorillapod tripod that my mother-in-law gave Shawn as part of his post-Christmas Christmas gifting to capture the shot on my own. The shoes aren't visible, so I took a separate picture of them. LOVE!

Dress: grey and black paisley, Bijou-Bijou/JC Penney
Camisole: Old Navy
Tights: We Love Color
Shoes: Aerosoles at DSW

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