To Dust You Shall Return

Working from top of the morning to the end of the evening. I did have a 4 hour break in there when I left for the chiropractor and Ash Wednesday service. I finally gave up after a few final tasks at 9 p.m. Kind of ridiculous, but if I didn't knock them out tomorrow would be even worst than it probably will be.

"Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return." I would write more about the experience but I realize that is sort of like practicing my piety before others in order to be seen, even though that isn't my intent. (See Mathew 6:1-6) But at the same time I want to share those experiences, so catch-22.

I webcammed with the sweetest baby boy tonight, who isn't so much a baby as a 5-year-old Kindergarten kid! And now I'm webcamming with Shawn, although it's one-sided. I can hear him, but he can see and hear me. I'm not that interesting -- typing away on a blog post to get it done. He's working on the Mensa calendar puzzle -- I held it up to the camera and he took a screen shot. Are we nerds or what?!

I rode the bus home from church -- down 5th Avenue. One of my favorite trips in the city. Cheap too. I like seeing all the windows and bustling people (yes, people are always bustling here, be it Sunday morning or a Wednesday night).

Tomorrow Shawn will be home, if only for a couple days before his next big trip. That is all I can muster for today.

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