I woke up this morning determined to change my reactions, to keep a positive attitude and spread that infectiously.

It's COB, and while I've had my moments of frustration, today has been a vast improvement over yesterday in terms of melt downs and overall productivity. It's helped by the fact that Shawn is home, but help us all as he'll be gone ALL next week at a conference. Egads!

Decided I do want to keep my notes from the AW service:
  • Lent is a season of confession and change. From facade to faith. From resolutions to reality.
  • It is a lifelong endeavor to be Christian. When people tell Maya Angelou that they are Christian, she responds "Already?!" It is in the search itself that one finds ecstasy.
  • And how about the best Good News: Nothing can separate me from God's love through Jesus Christ.
A perfectly silver white hair was on my desk today -- definitely mine and definitely one of many. I'm truly becoming SILVERMari, although my hair has been greying since teen years. I remember Pam mentioning it when she cut my hair ... that I'd have to start coloring early. I've dappled in hair dye in the past, but my hair as it is now is natural, in that any dye I may have put in it would have long ago grown out.

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