Twin Blankies: Pink & Blue Tonal Stripe

I made these blankets with the Bubbles Baby Blanket pattern that I have used many, many times before. It's a very simple pattern stitch, and the sides are always very straight and even. I also love the texture it creates -- these nice bubbles -- and the thickness of the finished blankie. This is the first time I worked longways to create stripes, rather than back and forth down the length of the blankie, and before always in a single yarn.

After seeing an image on Pinterest that led to an Etsy listing (I love to browse the "crochet baby" search term) I wanted to make a tonal blue blanket for someone having a baby boy. When I found out my friend was having twins -- a girl and a boy -- I decided to do a pink version too. Winning set! (Despite the 96 ends I had to weave in!)

I used mostly Red Heart Super Saver yarn, which while economical for the number of colors I needed doesn't give the softest finished product. Some of the pinks were Red Heart Love, which is significantly softer somehow. (It also affected the size, as I did fewer stitches on the pink's length and the same number of rows to end up with a slightly larger blanket than the blue, which I made first.)

I did some searching on how to soften up acrylic yarn, and tutorials suggested hair conditioner. I used most of poor Shawn's conditioner (hey, it's cheaper!) and it did make a difference. I washed the blankets to get the smell out and to allow the scent-free fabric softener to do a little magic too. Will never be as soft as a natural fiber, but they'll keep their color and shape well, and they can take a baby beating and plenty of washings!

Each blanket was about 32 inches wide by 34 inches long. They're laid out here on a queen size bed.

I'm not sure if the twins' mom reads my blog, but just in case I'm not posting this until I'm sure she receives the blankets (mailed them 2-day on Saturday 4/26). I'm prepping everything with photos beforehand, so hopefully no G+ alerts go out with these images before I publish the post. I wish I understood better how that works.

More views of the stitch pattern. It's not quite like the inspiration image, and she calls her pattern "candy stripe." Maybe I'll have to figure that out someday. So much to crochet ... so little time!

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Sydney said...

Oh my gosh, they are so adorable rolled up next to each other. The mom and babies will love them.

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