Crocheting Through the Years

Chromium Star blanket in white & yellow acrylic yarn
I've been crocheting regularly for a solid decade.

I learned when I was 16, when my Gran taught me during the long hours in the hospital while she was recovering from a broken ankle. But I never did much until after a heartbreak in late 2003. I started crocheting scarves for all my friends and then my friends started having babies. So I've made dozens of baby blankets over the years. I've kept track of them -- at first in a small notebook like Gran told me to, and then in Ravelry, which allows me to include pictures, specifics and notes as well as connect with other crocheters and find more pattern ideas.

I go on crochet binges (just like I sometimes go on reading binges). And other times I don't pick up a hook for months. (I don't think I crocheted at all while I was pregnant.)

Chromium Star close up
Here's my latest FO, which I made with yarn I had on hand. I found out a friend is pregnant, but I didn't know the gender and thought this would be a good gender-neutral pattern and color scheme. I ran out of yellow at the end, otherwise there would have been a sixth yellow stripe. Also, it turns out the friend is having twins, and I didn't want to make a second star blanket. So this one will be in reserve for the next baby who comes into my life.

The pattern itself -- Chromium Star -- is really easy, but you have to pay attention. That's not something I'm great at, and the first time I made it the star was all sorts of wonky (see photo below from 2008). And I still gave it to someone! At least it looked homemade? My standards have shifted, although none of my work is ever perfect.

My first chromium star blanket, from 2008. WONKY!


rugged breed said...

here are some of my works:

Al Dee

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