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A Trip to the Strawberry Patch

I was picking and turned around to see this.
Thankfully she didn't get anything on her clothes!
And thankfully I was packing wipes.
I think we used six!
In an effort to be more social in general and specifically to provide more opportunities for Jane to practice socializing I've joined an attachment parenting group in town. It's mostly a Facebook page and group, and today's trip to a nearby strawberry patch was only the second event we went to. (The first was an Easter egg hunt and brunch this past Saturday.) It is what it is, I guess.

Anyway, thanks to my lack of smart phone and how many people were at the patch Jane and I never found the group or anyone we knew. That was a bummer, but Jane still had an amazing time. Here are some pictures.

Lots of fun tractor toys and sand equipment, plus a fun playground.
Milking a "cow"
There was a small petting zoo, although we didn't get close enough to pet anything
Picking strawberries (was QUITE difficult to get her to do it, as she just wanted to "play all day, Mama")
Counting her berries (we didn't fill up a half-flat, but that was OK)
Last thing we did before paying for our berries was hand painting. They also did it on kids' faces, but Jane didn't think that was a good idea. This way she could see it too. She loved it. And it washed right off when we washed her hands at home.
I thought it was a great place, and worth the 40-minute drive (each way!). The little town it's in -- Albany, LA -- reminded me of places in Oklahoma. There were a LOT of kids there, but not so many that I couldn't keep up with Jane. I wished she'd been more into picking berries, the whole point, but I know this is something we'll be talking about for a long time. (Jane asks us to talk about things we've done a lot -- especially at dinner ... "Talk about the museum, Mama. Talk about the party, Dada." etc.)


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