Parent-Centered Blogging?

Writing about her childhood vs. writing about my parenthood. Is there a difference? Which do I do, if any?

In looking for places to write online, I stumbled across an article about mommy bloggers sharing too much -- and the growing number of women sharing details of their children's lives online. And is there a difference between writing about your children's lives and writing about your own life raising children?

In the comments someone writes about the idea of a mommy blogger as memoir writer, which seems a much classier label.

But there is also a comment about the scary world of people using your baby pictures for nefarious purposes. SCARY.

I know Jane's picture is on Pinterest at least once because of the homemade boogie wipes post I did. Not that there's anything wrong with Pinterest or the people who pinned the article (or that it being on Pinterest somehow makes it more likely to be swiped from my site). I just wonder if I should be more protective of her image and stories.

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