My Daughter's Hair

Jane's hair is getting out of control. A first haircut is in order. I didn't realize how traumatic the idea would be for me. But I'm quaking in my flip flops thinking about it while simultaneously wanting to take scissors to it myself. There are competing voices in my head about it, namely:
  1. Her hair is beautiful and natural, just let it grow (hippie?)
  2. Her hair is tangly and gets in her eyes, cut it yourself and be done with it (practical hippie? or maybe just cheap)
  3. Her hair will look jacked up if you cut it yourself -- take her to a kid salon! (yuppie?)
 (Dada says she can have long hair when she can comb it herself!)
Long, wild hair at Lake Calhoun near Minneapolis
I'm pondering my own hair at the same time. The grey is starting to show more, at least to my eye. And I happened to read a book this week "Going Gray" -- that I didn't really like but was all about how our ideals of beauty are firmly entrenched in not-grey hair. So I've been noticing grey more (there's a lot of it at church). I am not ready for the upkeep of regular coloring, so nothing is going to happen now.

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Sydney said...

Dada is always so practical.

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