At church I'm part of a "witness committee" that has done several things in the last few months, including a new system of welcoming first time guests to the church.

Rationally I get why I should be open to being recognized as a new guest -- older people don't seem to remember younger people's faces, even though I've been attending the church for two and a half years.

But today a woman WHO IS ON THE COMMITTEE WITH ME introduced herself and acted like we'd never met.


In her defense (?) she has been to ONE meeting of the half a dozen we've had. But we've emailed several times recently about a new program we're working on, and even though I'd only seen her that one time I knew EXACTLY who she was.

I was probably a little rude, reminding her of our shared committee work. But I did joke about how I had my hair brushed, which always makes me look different (straight hair with makeup vs. messy bun without makeup). I felt a little guilty about it when I was reliving it with Shawn, who was standing next to me the whole time -- and she hadn't met him before, so there was that.

Somehow I don't think she'll forget me again, but I guess we'll see.

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