Static But Moving

Two days in a row - Friday and Saturday - I walked all the way to the gym before realizing I didn't have my wallet (and therefore the ID needed to get into the gym) with me. Both were a direct result of having had my wallet in an actual purse the nights before -- going to "God of Carnage" on Thursday and the movie "Greenberg" on Friday.

Both times I turned my happy butt around, got the wallet, waved to the doormen (who really couldn't care less) and walked back to the gym for a standard workout. Not exactly a far piece to get to the gym, but still a bit of extra walking.

Hopefully that compensates me from no Easter exercise*. The gym was closed (seems random and NYU is about as secular a place as it gets), but I didn't even do any NYC style walking although the weather was perfecto for it.

Instead Shawn and I trekked uptown for church (is it wrong that I prefer worship when things aren't SO crowded?), rode a bus down Lex to Astor Place (luckily we didn't try a 5th Ave bus, since it would have detoured around the Easter Bonnet Parade!), had brunch and then lounged on the dirt-they-call-a-lawn in Washington Square Park. Seriously it stinks! And the renovations probably won't be complete before we move, so we'll have put up with all this construction for naught.

Despite the dirt, we had a pretty good lounge. Overhearing random conversations of hipster doofuses is a nice pastime, and I managed to read the Sunday Times and write most of a letter to Gran. Double score.

Now to finish that letter, prepare some dinner (FreshDirect delivery today ... possibly the thing I'll miss most about NYC? Definitely in the top 5) and get pumped for Butler v. Duke. We'll see how it rolls.

*Although we didn't work out on Easter Sunday we also did not partake in any Easter candy or treats. I asked Shawn if he was sad that I didn't make him an Easter basket with his faves (Reese's pieces) or my fave (Cadbury Creme Eggs). He said no -- the right answer.

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