Rattling Around

I helped a coworker find a lost document by locating the hidden Outlook temporary folder. She had worked on this thing for hours, always saving, but she hadn't done SAVE AS when she started working on the attachment. I felt like a rock star when I finally figured it out ... of course I took it upon myself to trouble shoot. Some habits die hard. Other technical things aren't going as smoothly, but in the next day or two they should resolve themselves. (Knock on wood.) Today I posted the job announcement to find my replacement. That was not easy. And due to the technical difficulties it's still not complete. UGH.

Shawn woke me up this morning pre-7 a.m. to tell me he was going to the gym ... in case I woke up I wouldn't freak out. Yeah, I would not have woken up. He woke me up BEFORE he was ready to go ... and proceeded to eat his cereal while I laid there trying to drift off. I eventually did and slept so soundly I didn't hear him come home, shower and leave again.

He found out when the gym opens -- 7:30 a.m., which actually seems late. I guess NYU kids like to sleep in as much as I do!

It's hotter'n a mug in here, and I'm getting perilously close to plugging in the AC and turning on its fan. Right now I've just got my mini fan set on top of the AC -- probably not the best solution but air flow is air flow. I guess I'm just being cheap and thinking the mini fan uses less power than the AC fan.

Shawn's birthday gift finally arrived -- a picnic blanket that folds into its own carrying case. Should be handy for sitting on the dirt-they-call-a-lawn in WSP ... or even partaking in a little Sheep's Meadow action. Oh, New York. Will also be good for the beach -- yahoo!

Shawn didn't like his other gift -- a leather keychain with an "S" embossed on it. Don't know what I was thinking. I should have had them put a "W" on it ... then I could use it instead! But someone with an "S" name will get a gift when she comes to visit in early June!

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