14 April 2010

Laughing all the Way

I used this for the "C" in my ABCs collection (I'll post as an album or something here when I get a full A-Z set). I'm not sure what the CG stands for here, but I do know who it made me think of! This fence (?) around a tree is on LaGuardia Place between Bleecker and West Third.

Also realizing that graffiti is going to be an excellent source of lettering for this project. It seems somewhat rare to find individual letters, although I'm sure I can Photoshop or crop creatively.

Had an impromptu dance party when an exceptional song came on the radio. But then I realized one person can't make a party. I kept dancing anyway. Bring 'em out, indeed. And THEN "Like a Virgin" comes on ... oh dear.

And webcamming tonight!

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