No FUN being an adult

I'm sure it's less fun than being a baby, although Owen might disagree.

At issue 1) a dispute with comcast over some creditors they have sent after me regarding arbitrary numbers for which I never received actual comcast bills. I *think* I have it taken care of, and two customer service reps (one from PG and one from Alexandria because I've had service in both areas) called me within a day or two of me e-mailing the complaint letters (and I sent those letters snail mail to the actual creditors on monday). It's possible this is because I sent the letters not only to the comcast e-mail for customer service but ALSO to the PR office, mentioning the fact that I am a trained journalist (not exactly a lie, right?)... Hrm.

2) Apparently I was supposed to get my car licensed, insured, etc. in VA w/in 30 days of moving here, SO I'm giving myself 30 days from today because I just realized this and I can't rewind time. It is going to be a pain in the ass but at least I have Friday afternoons off in August to spend at the DMV, etc. I've been searching the internet for insurance quotes, and they range so much it's hard to know what's what. I don't understand liability, etc. I can't believe I have a master's degree and I'm so INEPT at just functioning in an adult world. GAH!

Today at work was good. I went to a PRSA blogging event and found out about ways to get media exposure in blogs and some ideas for starting a blog at the actual company. We'll see though. Some people seem very against the idea of a blog, and we do have more work than we can possibly do with the staff we have now so we'll see.

I'm really tired and have no new pictures to post. I promised an update about the Danville adventure and hopefully it's coming, probably intermingled with my first visit to the VA DMV. And I keep calling it a state even though it's a commonwealth. I don't live in a county either. It's the city of Alexandria, and it's just not in a county. so weird.

SO tired. ~Mari.

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