Dispatch from Danville -- July 29, 2006

This is delayed, and I need to write a complete update about it, but here is a brief view in pictures:

The first is a cowgirl I made with the confetti on the table at the anniversary/birthday party, which was a BLAST (as you can see by subsequent pictures).

The picture of Shawn and Dale (his mom) is from earlier in the day when we were sitting in her carport (she and Steve have cats, to which I'm quite allergic, and luckily in the shade with a fan we were OK to sit outside and visit!).

The next is of me and Shawn. Weird that my (blue) eyes were "red" but in the pic with Shawn and his mom and the same pic with Shawn -- their (brown) eyes were NOT "red." Curious. Although I'm sure the daylight had something to do with the Shawn/Dale normal eyes... Or maybe I'm just EVIL!

After that is a pic of Shawn and a couple of his buddies from high school days: Aaron and Josh. Kyle had already left, but there was quite the D&D contingent at this party... Ah, memories. :)

One more post and then I'm off. ~Mari.

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