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The flight experience yesterday was unfun. LAX (or at least the section we were going through) didn't have the full body scanners, so getting through security was no worries.

But upon reaching the gate I wasn't able to take my carry on wheelie bag onto the plane because it was too big. I'd already hassled with it before going through security, and now I had to put it in the tiny metal sleeve to prove it would fit in the overhead.

So I lose my sh*t and start taking stuff out to make it fit. No dice. Even when I get the bag into the smaller-than-the-overhead-compartment segment outside the gate, the agents tell me I have to check my bag. I move stuff around, get my toothbrush out of it (it's a high dollar sonicare one, and I didn't feel like throwing it away), and say goodbye to my bag, sure that the gate agents will just throw it away after my tantrum. I was so agitated that I start crying on the plane (air travel always makes me emotional anyway, so every nerve is raw, right at the surface and ready to explode).

Poor Shawn. But after some time and then a margarita at the Chili's Too in the Dallas airport I was feeling better. I think flying after a drink could be a good modus operandi for me in the future. And much to my surprise the luggage arrived in Lawton anyway, so there's that. Shouldn't be a problem on the flights back since both are tiny jets where you valet check your roller bags.

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