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This is what 30 looks like

Here's a snap taken by Shawn on my birthday -- you can see a few of my birthday gifts (and my silly little sister in the background). There's the Kindle, the rockstar eyeliner and my new bracelet and watch on my left wrist. Also the lovely manicure before it started to chip, less than 24 hours after having them done. Oh well.

When I went to the car today for church -- after getting dressed and excited to be back to a service after two weeks of traveling Sundays -- and the car wouldn't start. The electronic key wouldn't open the door, so at first I thought it was just that. Nope. Dead battery. In a brand new car.

Shawn figured out, after he got a jump from a kindly stranger, that he had somehow switched on the hazard lights when he put the GPS unit back in the car last night. Oiy! We're back in business and were able to go get lunch (calzone!) and groceries (mostly easy things for Shawn to make while I'm gone for most of the week).

Now he's off to work and I'm catching up on TV, finishing up laundry and thinking about pulling out my Christmas decorations. Will also do a little Christmas shopping online and finish the thank you notes. Also wouldn't mind just laying on the couch for a while. La-zee-bones.

Getting close to the end of November and ability to slow down on the posts. Delightful!


Anonymous said...

I sent you an E-card... and have yet to see a response that says you saw it!

Damn hell...

Sydney said...

30 looks great!

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