Date Myself

Just home from a date ... with myself. Good hair day, new shirt (weird plaid thing from Old Navy with pearl-ish snap buttons) and art -- a play at LSU.

I thought the acting, sets/props and production values were great, and the concept of the play was interesting. But the play itself ...

As a story just about this one obese girl who meets a hot bodied guy, they fall in love but he's superficial and his coworkers rag on him about dating a fat chick, it felt forced and fake, and there were no sympathetic characters.

But thinking about it more, maybe the far fetched, non-adult, extreme dialogue was the point. But certainly felt like the main character wasn't true to herself. She was strong and over-the-top at the beginning/not taking crap from anyone. Then at the end she's sobbing and broken instead of getting mad and standing up for herself. Honestly I was disappointed by the ending.

And I don't think the play's message can be applied more broadly -- as commentary on society's views of fatness (see should fatties get a room (even on TV) controversy). It just makes even less sense.

But was fun to get out of the house, see culture that made me think and want to write another post.

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