Losing My ...

Today's Dessert at Lunch
Since I've been at this conference I have lost and found my mini dell bag of computer accessories and my favorite pen. The bag was left on the floor and a janitor picked it up. I tracked it down in the building office. Then pen fell on the floor during a session, and then I found it when I was back in the same room for another session later. Thrilling.

But it's made me feel more airheaded than normal. I've also been more upset. Being out of my routine (however shaky and new it is) is making me feel worse. And the swing from insular, nearly anti-social lifestyle and personality to near constant sociability for what seems like days on end is a bit wearing. I am tired.

I do love the views here. The coast line is amazing. I did take some photos, so I'll use those as a post later this week. Maybe on a travel day when I'm even more exhausted than I am now, although i can hardly imagine!

I ate dessert at lunch today -- and still regretting it. Not from the calories/sugar/and not really exercising perspective, although that's bad. But from the how it made me feel perspective. I didn't even love the taste, I had a bad sugar reaction, where you get super sluggish afterward. I have to remember it's not worth it.

A lot to do before I can hit the sack so I'd better get to it.

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