Biological Imperative

The day is slipping away, but I wanted to at least do a stream of consciousness post to knock out today on nablopomo. I was woken up by a certain six-year-old looking for the Subway book. And so far I've had a coffee, breakfast bar, shower and blowdry. More fun to come -- mom is making a s/f cheesecake, I plan to have a Sonic drink if I can find a ride, and tonight my fave: Mexican food and margaritas. I'd like to get a manicure -- I have a hang nail issue and love having pretty fingers. What better way to start my fourth decade on the planet (start being the key word in this sentence)?

We're going home tomorrow, so this trip has flown by. Although all together we'll have been away from home for one week. Traveling couple.

Owen is in the tub having a fun bath. He's the silliest.

Thanksgiving was nice, although I'd like it if we had more South Beach friendly dishes. I only ate four things, although I ate a lot of each!

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend and safe travels home if you're on the road... More from me tomorrow!

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