Greener Pastures

We made it to California with no real issue. Of course the flight in Dallas was delayed, and there were seven people on board who missed their connection to Maui -- the last flight of the day. What a bummer. Last night was a fun birthday dinner with my aunts.

Today Shawn left in his suit and looked SO HANDSOME. His talk is today, and I'm going to spend the day with my aunts at a craft fair and grooving. Maybe I can get a shot of Shawn in his suit tonight.

Tomorrow I'll be working from this hotel room, which is nice. I should be able to get things done. Then Tuesday it will be off to Oklahoma. Intra-national travelers.

I'm keeping my body on a Central Time schedule as much as I can, so it's just after 9 a.m. here and I've gone to the gym, showered and am dressed. And I've got two hours before take off. I think I may have a drive around, get some claritin for the kitties and see if I can see the ocean. Huzzah!

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