How 'Bout Them Cowgirls?

I've held onto this ad for years ... I guess since I got it in an alumni magazine. This is exactly what I looked like when I graduated. It's not me, but I had the long hair, wore it curly with my cap and gown.

Bonus: I found out that I don't need to be at the meeting tomorrow until nearly 3 pm. It's a three hour drive, so instead of leaving at 8 am I can leave closer to noon. Hooray! I'll actually get to sleep in and enjoy part of the holiday. Of course tomorrow I'll bounce right out of bed, unlike today when I had to peel myself out.

I'm glad I did. I went in early to go to a coffee hour w/ a professional group I've joined. The journalist who was supposed to join us didn't come, but I was mistaken for her. She's the editor of the college newspaper, and someone asked me if I was her. HILARIOUS. I guess this means that either A) I look young enough to be 22 and/or B) I need to get new, less cheap looking clothes?

Webcamming tonight with my favorite little moo hoo. Catch you tomorrow ... perhaps in the morning before I leave for the meeting.

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